NQ Curl Wave Activator Gel LITE 16oz
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Create pretty curls in an instant with this stunning lite gel! Works quickly and effectively to deliver gorgeously defined waves or curls without weighing hair down. Created to add both shine and moisture to your dry curls or waves, this solutions acts quickly penetrating hair to make it look and feel great! Its super soft finish is thanks to its light formula so you won't even know you've treated your hair. Simply use your fingers to pull through your hair from top to bottom and enjoy how quick and easy it is to style your curls. Its amazingly gentle make up leaves you with soft and pretty curls. Takes seconds to see great results! Suitable for curls or waves. Use daily for best effects. Comes in 16oz container. Benefits: Extra light curl activator gel, Soft and gentle, Get perfect curls, Enjoy soft and silky conditioned hair, Easy to use. Care instructions: Store with other beauty products. Replace lid after use.


Key features:

- Expands the natural curl or wave alredy present  in your hair

- Hard to comb hair more manageable

- Texturizing relaxer