Nubian Queen Olive Oil Styling Gel 32oz
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Since when did styling your hair become so, well, easy? Since now! This premium olive oil styling gel makes managing and styling your hair day to day so much easier and is a great way to add volume to your do! Its natural ingredient, olive oil is great for dry hair and can slow ageing, deliver entioxidants and hydrate your hair at the very same time.


The 100% natural beauty oil, olive oil both strengthens and protects, while holding your hair style in place all day long. This gel is so ideal for blow dry styling, roller sets, moulding, sculpting, lifting and other styling techniques. Once more it is fast drying and leaves no flakes unlike some gels, result! Suitable for all hair types. Available in both 16 oz and 32 oz containers. Care Instructions: Store with other beauty products. Replace lid after use.



Key Features

- Flake free

- Tack free

- Anti-itch