NQ Curl Activator Lotion 7in1 no Drip 473ml
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This 7 in 1 activator handy spray lotion is your go to for achieving managed bouncy beautiful head turning curls! The non drip formula is designed to activate and draw out your natural curls whilst conditioning them at the same time. This lotion also softens and smooths the hair follicle to help repair any damage so your hair enjoys the full salon treatment.


This formula also acts as a hair strengthener so breakages become a thing of the past! If you are also looking to bring a little bounce to your gorgeous curls, this is the best way to do it. Suitable for curls or waves. Benefits: Effective curl activator, Use to condition hair follicles, Softens Curls, Smooths curls, Brings natural bounce to hair, Strengthens hair, Deals with breakages, Prevents further breakage through enriching ingredient, Comes in handy spray bottle, Use daily for best results. Care instructions: Store with other beauty products, Fix lid back on after use.


Key Features:

- Non greasy , on standing formula 

- Sooths the scalp and heals abrasions leaving a vibrant sheen

- Helps Soften and detangle hair