Paltas B.K.C Argan Oil - 100ml
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Stop worrying about your hair! Do you struggle with lifeless dry hair? Our hair can struggle to stay healthy these days, with heated styling and dyeing thrown in to the mix! Introducing this luxurious featherlight treatment with its nourishing Argan Oil, from the Moroccan Argan Tree ingredient is a dream come true. Enrich your tired hair with this unique formula which targets damage and reduces split ends, leaving you with transformed hair - soft, silky and manageable. Use frequently to keep your show stopping hair in the best condition you've ever known. Benefits: Perfect for all hair types including fine, The antidote to dry lifeless hair, Reduces split ends, Enjoy soft silky hair, Hair is left conditioned and healthy, Easier to manage hair, Style hair more easily, Proven unique formula, Easy to use. Care instructions: Keep bottle where other beauty products are, Replace plastic lid after use.