Paltas B.K.C Hair and Scalp Tonic - 150ml
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Stop worrying about your hair! Introducing the premium hair and scalp tonic made to make dry and itchy scalps a thing of the past! Super rich tonic not only promotes a soft and nourished scalp but also encourages healthy hair growth. Made especially for weaves and plaits, the formula works to nourish and moisturise revitalising your hair to its former glory! Never suffer with a dry itchy scalp ever again with this beautifully formulated tonic, rich and effective for all your scalp and hair woes. Repairs and adds shine to hair leaving you with paparazzi perfect hair! Benefits: Perfect for braids and weaves, Nourishes, Moisturises and Revitalises hair, Gets rid of dandruff, Reduces dryness and itching, Enjoy shiny hair, Hair is left conditioned and healthy, Easier to manage hair, Style hair more easily, Proven unique formula, Easy to use. Care instructions: Keep bottle where other beauty products are, Replace plastic lid after use.