NQ Curl Wave Activator Gel Regular 16oz

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NQ Curl Wave Activator Gel Regular 16oz
Product Code: NQGEL06
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Product Details

Say goodbye to frizz with this regular wave activating gel, created to tame hair. If you’re ready to revitalise your curls or waves and make styling all the more easy, you're ready for this incredible gel. Style your curls and waves in the morning with the gel, apply with fingers through the hair from root to end, use a comb if you'd rather and that's it, your hair is locked in place, now just leave to dry! No more re-styling through the day, the gel holds your hair in place for as long as you need. Leave this amazing hair product to revitalise, soften and manage your hair so you don't have to. Easy to use and see results instantly. Suitable for curls and waves. Available in 16oz container. Benefits: Regular activating gel, Tames frizz, Revitalises your curls and waves, Easy to style gel, Amazing results, quick to use, Softens hair, Hair is more manageable, Super locked-in style. Use daily to make bad hair days a thing of the past! Care Instructions: Store with other beauty products. Fix lid back on after use.


Key Features:


- Creates fabulous styling curls & waves without any frizz

- Revitalize & hold all day 

- Keep hair soft & manageable


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