Nubian Queen Gro Aid Treatment 12oz

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Nubian Queen Gro Aid Treatment 12oz
Product Code: NQHF02
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Product Details

Created using rich natural botanicals the Gro Aid treatment uses beauty-royalty, olive oil and the healing powers of arnica montana along with other ingredients to stop your hair for breakage. Olive oil is famous for its amazing anti-aging, antioxidant and hydrating qualities so makes this a natural choice ingredient. As does arnica which is less known for its ways of encouraging hair growth. This makes for a powerful duo! Enjoy your new happy, healthy and longer hair with less breakage and revitalised softer scalp. Excellent for braids, weaves or relaxed and permed hair, this is an amazingly effective daily solution to your hair woes! Suitable for weaves, relaxed, permed or braided hair. Available in 355ml container. Benefits: Effective growth aid treatment, Stops hair breakage, Encourages hair growth, Includes natural olive oil and arnica, Revitalises scalp, Softens scalp, Use as a conditioner. Care instructions: Store with other beauty products. Fix lid back on after use.

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