Nubian Queen Hair Setting Lotion 1000ml

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Nubian Queen Hair Setting Lotion 1000ml
Product Code: NQHLTN01
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Product Details

A highly concentrated Hair Setting Lotion, created to perfect setting wet hair, blow dry - styling or waving natural or relaxed hair. This amazing solution is made to dry fast so you can spray and go, making your morning beauty routine a breeze! This lotion won't flake like setting lotions and bonds to hair to help seal the ends, avoiding further breakage and split ends. Creates a firm easy to comb hold and leaves your hair with beautiful body and a super shiny finish.


If you have curls you want to define individually, this is a great way to do just that! This high-speed salon setting formula is superb for wrapping, blow drying and rollers. Available in 33.8 oz bottle. Suitable for wavy or relaxed hair. Benefits: Super-fast salon-quality setting solution, Perfect for styling wavy orrelaxed hair, Firm hold, No flakes, Seals ends to stop breakage, Super shiny hair, Defined style, use daily as part of your hair routine. Care Instructions: Store with other beauty products. Fix lid back on after use.


Key features:


- Quick Drying

- Great for Wrapping, Blow Drying and Rollers

- Leave hair Beautifully soft & texturized


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