Nubian Queen Carrot Oil Hair Dress 8oz

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Nubian Queen Carrot Oil Hair Dress 8oz
Product Code: NQHTRT01
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Product Details

This beautiful Carrot Oil Hair Dress is uniquely designed with both a herbal and vitamin blend so it reaches your roots and scalp easily and effectively. Carrot oil helps stimulate growth of new cells when you apply at root and at the scalp. It's a natural source of Vitamin A and E and beta-carotenen, and offers much needed moisture to dry and cracked itchy scalps.


Its mild formula stops breakage and reduces thinning of hair. It conditions, moisturises for strong, thicker, healthier hair with fabulous sheen and softness. Suitable for all skin and hair types. Benefits: Effective hair conditioning treatment, Reduces thinning of hair, Stops hair breakage, Vitamin enriched, Herbal enriched, Natural carrot oil ingredient, Easy to use. Care instructions: Store with other beauty products, Replace lid after use.


Key Features: 

- Repair of damaged hair

- Herbal nutrients

- Stops hair from shedding


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