Paltas B.K.C Anti Dandruff Conditioner 350ml

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Paltas B.K.C Anti Dandruff Conditioner 350ml
Product Code: PTCND01
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Product Details

Stop worrying about your hair! Maintain a healthy and nourished scalp and braids with thanks to this premium conditioning treatment. This premium medicated anti-dandruff conditioner will work endlessly to keep your hair and scalp looking and feeling good so you don't have to! Use this regularly to reduce both flakes and itching and never have to worry about looking in the mirror again! This moisturising conditioning treatment will also stimulate your scalp and hair cuticles to encourage healthy growth so you can enjoy healthy happy hair every single day! A must-buy for anyone struggling with a dry and sore scalp. Benefits: Perfect for all hair types, Effective dandruff treatment, Reduce itching, Moisturises scalp, Encourage hair growth, Beautiful braids forever more, Proven unique formula, Easy to use. Care instructions: Keep bottle where other beauty products are, Replace plastic lid after use.

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